Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Hey Sneakerhead, In order to welcoming the christmas day and new year eve, SKEMATIC want to do something different to celebrate those holiday seasons.

We will give you for free the VANS OTW X IN4MATION, which is limited only 300 pairs world wide to our Biggest spender on December 2011, at our new store Jl. Pela rya no.42 kebayoran baru jaksel.

We will calculate all receipt from each customer on this month and then we will update it on Facebook,twitter and website, so you can check how close you are to win this limited pair VANS OTW x IN4MATION.

Happy Shopping !!

Skematic New Store
Jl. Pela Raya No.42
Radio Dalam, Kebayoran Baru.
Jakarta Selatan.12160
Blackberry Pin : 21b7707

Thursday, December 1, 2011



Complete set. Includes 8 oz. Premium Sneaker Solution and Standard Sneaker Cleaning Brush intimately packaged in JASON MARKK sneaker box with koi paint splatter design.
8 oz. Premium Sneaker Solution
Does not contain any harsh chemicals or abrasives
98.3% Natural and completely biodegradable
Safe on all colors and materials
Effectively cleans and conditions
Cleans up to 200 pairs of sneakers

Standard Sneaker Cleaning Brush
Synthetic bristle
Handcrafted wood block brush
Laser-etched Jason Markk logo on handle
Excellent for tackling dirt on midsoles
Great for all-around cleaning
Tough on stubborn stains
NOTE: When cleaning PREMIUM LEATHER, SUEDE, COTTON MESH and OTHER DELICATE MATERIALS, take extra care and be gentle. We highly recommend using a JASON MARKK PREMIUM SNEAKER CLEANING BRUSH. The softer hog bristles are better suited for use on delicate surfaces.

Jl. Pela Raya No. 42, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12730 INDONESIA
Phone : +6221 720 3394
Mobile Phone : +6285716776143
Blackberry Pin : 21b77071
Yahoo Messanger :
Email :

Friday, November 11, 2011

Skematic at Brightspot Market

Swaggin up at Brightspot Market
on 24 - 27 November 2011
at Plaza Senayan

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The latest pack in the long term PUMA x Undefeated Collection has finally arrived. The Nylon Ripstop Clydes (NRC’s) take design cues from the military and incorporate a high quality NylonRipstop material into the PUMA Clyde. Developed for the production of parachutes during World War II, Ripstop is made for strength and is resistant to tearing and ripping, making the NRC’s in it for the long-haul.

The PUMA x Undefeated Collection is about bringing a si

mplistic and classic aesthetic with a twist to PUMA’s most iconic shoe, The Clyde. These new editions embody this with clean lines and four wearable colors for fall.

Puma x Undefeated "The Nylon Ripstop Clydes (NRC’s) "

IDR 1.290.000,-

Puma x Undefeated Canvas

IDR 1.490.000,-

All of them can now be purchased through our store and only available in limited numbers. If you would like any further information in the meantime, drop us an email on info

Sunday, November 6, 2011

SKEMATIC Opening Party Press Release

A history was definitely made. The opening of the most anticipated sneaker store (oops ..I mean boutique) in Indonesia by the name of Skematic. At Jalan Pela Raya No. 42, Kebayoran Baru. A stockist for Nike SB, Vans, TheHundreds, Supreme, Undefeated, Rebel8, RVCA, Obey, NVRBRKN, Supra, Emerica, Venture, Thunder, Girl, Chocolate, Jason Markk, and more. Planned to open at 6 PM sharp, crowd started pouring in, along with raindrops, at 5 PM.

5: 00 PM

A black Escalade belonging to a late tweener with 3 bodyguards barged in to our store. First sale was made (ca ching!). 2 pairs of women’s Vans.

5:30 PM

Smoke machine, check. Strobe light, check. DJ’s checking the 1’s and 2’s, All ready to go.

6:00 PM

BBQ set up, Nike SB Stefan Janoski Wino all set up (6 pairs being released that day)

6:05 PM

Doors opened for the first time. Media came pouring in. Radio live interviews, recording interviews, etc. It was chaotic. DJ Hogi on the ‘s n 2’s blaring his thang, mashups, disco, hip hop, electronic, oldies, u name it.

6:15 PM

A guy from UK came down (forgot his name, sorry, but he was rockin’ the all black Jordan 3’s), actors, actress, socialites, billionaires, washed up actors, posers, skaters, wannabes, sneakerheads. You name it, they were all there..!

6:45 PM

The crowd was about 100 people deep, so it was the time for the show to go on.

7:00 PM

A halloween themed avant-garde show began parallel with the release of Nike SB Stefan Janoski Wino. “Scream” masks were worn by the our shopkeepers and fake blood was splattered all over the store. Smoke machine and strobe lights were doing their jobs to create a rediculously scary ambiance. In addition, dj’s were blaring vampire disco joint (howling wolfs, dracula laughs, etc) and MC Raben was spitting like a true champ.

7:30 PM

Crowd was all outside. A melting pot of audience. Caucasian, Malays, Singaporeans, Indonesians, young money, old money, sneakerheads, hustlers, washed up entertainers, etc. All enjoying the melt-in-your-mouth BBQ satays, sausages, etc. Beers were bottomless and everybody seemed to jump on that early.

8:30 PM

Bandung (a city 100 miles from Jakarta) crowd started coming in. Seeing this type of support and dedication from them (4 hour trip due to rain and Friday night traffic), I decided to pop a lil’ sumtin’ sumtin’ - 3 bottles of Chivas Regal and more ‘stuff’.

9:00 PM

The peak hours when shoppers just came barging in and made our store structure vibrated a little...scary


10:00 PM

DJ Hogi (Big shout to everybody at Future 10!) turned the music up a little bit more. The effect of Beer Bintang and Chivas began to k

ick in, and the crowd was dancing like there was

no tomorrow.

11:00 PM

Last minute clean up for the BBQ and alcohol. We had random guys crashing the parties, but our security guards took care of business.

12:30 AM

Shop’s closed, crowd was chilling outside. My feet began to hurt, time to call it a night.

1:00 AM

Goody bags were handed out, RVCA goods were handed out (Big shout my main man Thai from RVCA Indonesia). Dead tired...but it was all worth it.

So folks, thats pretty much the recap of what happened that day. I’d like to personally give a HUGE shoutout for those who made it to the party. Cant name y’all one by one but y’all know who you are. Especially to Media personel, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support. All in all, stay swagged up...spread the good news about our store...and remember if you need DOPE shoes and apparel there’s only one S-K-E-M-A-T-I-C.

God bless,

Kev K.

On behalf of Skematic Team

Monday, October 24, 2011

SKEMATIC (New Store) Opening Party

SKEMATIC (New Store) Opening Party


28 oct 2011 . 6pm - till done

Jl. Raya Pela No. 42 Kebayoran Baru

(a cross section of gandaria and radio dalam)

for info 021-71791887 / 085716776143

follow Us --> @skematic_jkt

We Will Be Releasing :

- NIKE SB STEFAN JANOSKI Wino a.k.a Blood Splatter ( 6 Pairs Only )

- VANS BY TAKA-HAYASHI ( Limited Pairs Only )





Tunes By :

- Hogi ( FUTURE 10 )

- Komzta ( ADD )

- Gerry Blaze

Free booze , finger foods , good tunes and friendly atmosphere.

Support by : Nike sportswear | Nike sb | Adidas Originals | RVCA | Vans | The Hundreds | Undefeated | Chocolate | Girl Skate Boarding | Spit Fire | Jason Markk premium sneaker cleaner solution

Media Partner : Juice | Nylon | Sub | DailyWhatNot | HangOut | Free! | Geeksbible | Provoke | Oz Radio | FHM | Cosmogirl | Hai Online | TRAX | HappenMagz | Far | Future10 | Another Disco Dimension |

See You There !!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

hISTory IST x SKEMATIC sneakers exhibition

hISTory is a collaboration event between Skematic and IST. In this particular event, we would like to showcase Indonesia's 50 hottest sneakers, complemented with a photography and a short written history behind each one of them. We believe each of our sneaker has its own story that the public sometime do not understand what it is all about. The goal of hISTory is twofold, first is to educate the public what they have been missing out all this time about sneakers. Two, is to gather world's attention that Indonesia isn't really a typical third world country when it comes to fashion.
SKEMATIC is the official home of many urban subculture brands such as Nike SB, Vans, Adidas Originals, The Hundreds, Undefeated, Obey, Supreme, Supra, and more. Edified in 2009 in La Codefin Kemang, Skematic has decided to open its 'flagship store' this October boasting a bigger, better, and more proper venue. Active in both streetwear and skate scenes, Skematic is truly Indonesia's purveyor of the finest quality urban goods.
IST is Indonesia Sneaker Team also known as IST was officially formed in January 2011. Consisting of a core member of 40 people who perfectly embody of what truly Indonesia is, each one comes from a flavorful background of age, race, occupation, religion, and dialect. Boasting the best sneaker collection in South East Asia, IST was formed this year to finally show the world how advanced Indonesian "shoe game" is. IST is no firm believer of a particular brand of sneaker. Each of our members holds his/her own "religion" of sneakers from Nike, Jordan Brand, Adidas, and Vans even to running shoes such as Asics and New Balance.
hISTory Sneakers Exhibition
30 sept - 2 oct 2011 . 7pm - till done
Jl. Raya Pela No. 42 Kebayoran Baru
(a cross section of gandaria and radio dalam)
for info 021-71791887 / 085716776143
follow Our Twitter : @skematic_jkt , @IndoSneakerTeam

# private showing on the friday 30rd of september ( invited & media )
# open public 1 oct - 2 oct 2011.
Free booze , finger foods , good tunes and friendly atmosphere.

Support by : Nike sportswear | Nike sb | Adidas Originals | Jason Markk premium sneaker cleaner solution
Media : Juice | Nylon | Sub | Whatnot | HangOut | Free! | Geeksbible | Provoke

Featuring each day of our event will be something different and flavorful.
- Tunes by EGRV & ADD
- Mapping by 20/20SIGHTSCENERY
- Sneaker Customization that will be done by Indonesia's most talented graffiti artists.
- On the last day of the event we will hold a casual Sunday Bazaar/Auction which will give the chance for our audience to purchase the sneakers which have been showcased for all three days.